Memories of playing in bands

Those who have known me for a long time, know that I have always been a musician.

Years ago I played in many bands.  The 3 most significant ones are what you see below: 20 Minutes to Nowhere, Sever the Stars and Fairmont.

Only one continues to play today (Fairmont), but enjoy the bad, decent and great music.

Listening to these brings back fun memories.

20 Minutes to Nowhere

Genre: Pop punk
20 Minutes to Nowhere went on to form and join bands like Sever The Stars, Fairmont, Sean Walsh & The National Reserve.

Sever the Stars

Genre: Screamo
Sever The Stars went on to form and join bands like Bedlight For Blue Eyes, Fairmont, Boy Vs. Ghost.


Genre: Indie
They still play today and have released a ton of albums, many of which I was on.

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