Meet Ron Clifford

This is my friend Ron Clifford.

Ron is a photographer from Ontario, Canada. He has been mentoring photographers through his G+ Mentorship program on Google Plus for many years now. He has also been mentoring through The Arcanum, alongside myself and many other amazing photographers.

I finally had the pleasure of meeting Ron during the Trey Ratcliff photowalk tour (2015) which started in New York City.  Ron and Derek Kind drove to New York and followed along the tour for a few of the cities.

Derek is another photographer I’ve interacted with through social media over the years and finally had the pleasure of meeting.

Ron is adventurous with his intense outdoors photography, like in the middle of frozen ice landscapes.

He is also adventurous with his quick moves into the middle of busy New York City streets.  He has to get the photos he sees in his mind.

Ron is kind and really cares a lot about the people who works with, and mentors. I am honored to call him a friend.

After the photowalk in NYC, Ron was on his knees making a cool photo aimed towards a food truck near the Brooklyn Bridge entrance. I asked/forced him to stay there so I could capture this fun closeup of him in action.

I went with the 35mm f/1.4 lens at 1.4 so that the depth of field would be super shallow and the bokeh would be nice and smooth.

If you ever have a chance to meet Ron or go out making photos with Ron, do it.

You will be inspired.

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  1. Ron is one laid back, awesome, talented dude. I am happy to call him a friend.

    Nice to see some stories of the NY trip. I witnessed the planning, but not the results.

  2. Was great to meet you too, Scott!!

    And yeah, Ron’s a pretty great guy. I was very lucky indeed to have the chance to travel with him on this trip. :)

  3. Enjoy your work

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