Meet Justin Balog

Over the years I have met a lot of photographers. Some of which have become students, some acquaintances and some close friends.

Justin Balog is one photographer I am honored to call a friend. He’s a like-minded photographer, who strives for a healthy life, loves the adventure and to make beautiful photographs.

Justin is kind, knowledgeable and will go out of his way for people he cares about.

This is Justin, from a trip we took to the Palouse region of Washington.

Justin Balog

Justin is one-half of The Photo Frontier team, alongside Armando.

I encourage you to check out Justin’s website, his photography, his education and of course to join me at The Photo Frontier.

Yes, I said it, join me there.  I’m officially an Artisan in Residence at The Photo Frontier.  More details to follow.

With that, I look forward to spending more time with Justin and Armando, as we explore the world through photography and creativity.

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