Mastin Labs – Film Or Lightroom Presets?

I love making Lightroom presets. I have created them for a few years now.

I also love trying other Lightroom presets, which I did not create.

I use some from friends, as well as ones made by companies like Get Totally Rad (the Replichrome presets), VSCO, The Photo Frontier and Mastin Labs.

Presets, for any photo editing software, should never be used as is. I always tell people who when purchasing my presets, or others.

Presets are designed to be inspiration and starting points for you to edit your photographs.

Sometimes, presets are designed so perfectly for a purpose that you can’t help but to use them over and over and over.

I have discovered some that I find myself using more often lately.

Mastin Labs Presets

These Lightroom presets come from Mastin Labs. The are film replication just like VSCO and Replichrome. But from what I can tell, they are created using the most advanced film replication methodology possible.

“Mastin Lab Presets are made by film photographers, for film photographers. Above all, they are designed for accuracy.”




Currently Mastin Labs is selling three different preset packs, both for Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW (ACR files). That means you can use them in Lightroom or Photoshop. The three packs include the following film replication:

  • Ilford B&W
  • Kodak Portra
  • Fufi Pro

Currently the presets are designed for Nikon and Canon cameras only. But as mirrorless cameras continue to emerge from competing camera manufacturers I imagine we will see more camera support in the future.

The presets are also intended to be used with RAW/DNG files. So if your camera is set on JPG then I suggest switching to RAW to take advantage of these film replication.

I’m a huge supporter of Mastin Labs and I cannot wait to see what other replication they plan on doing in the future.

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