Magmod Magbox Review and Setup

The Magmod Magbox is one of the coolest designs for a softbox. I mean, it’s a softbox, so nothing new there. But the way it mounts, setups and breaks down, is so simple. The way a gel is used is so simple. The way you put on the diffusion screens are brilliant.

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This is going to be fun because today I get to show you something that I am, I, I’ve been very excited about one of my favorite photography industry companies that has come to all the industry over the past few years. They released a product that I have been so excited about. I am a big fan of Mag Mod and well now we’ve got the MAG mod soapbox. This is not that product. This is the bag that the product is sitting in. I think we’re gonna have to go wide on this one. You could see it actually fits right in the frame. It is a, it’s not too big. It’s a very, it’s a small soft box. It’s a small soft box and um, but it’s really nice is this case is pretty good fabric. It is built very well. You can, it is padded on both sides. You can actually open it up from both sides.

Now I am going to open up from this side and just show you what’s going on here. First on this side, we’ve got a bunch of pockets inside here is actually the, uh, mag. I forgot what they called it. That’s what this is also in here, but on the other end, which I will have to get to from the other side is the diffusion screen, but it’s so far down there. I can’t get my hand all the way through, so I’ll have to do it from the other side. These pockets right here are actually made for your little flashes. They’re actually not deep. They stop right about there. They stopped about about here. They’re actually made to slip in your flashes because most of the time you’re magma is being used on your small little strobes. For example, Mag mod on an icon, SB 800 slipped right into there, so you can hold one, two, three, four, five flashes.

All right. In this case, along with your, um, you along with the softbox along with the stuff to go with the softbox end. What’s in here inside of here, I am actually storing these, these are gels that are actually to be used inside of the softbox and they’re nicely labeled. We’ve got your Magenta, [inaudible] purple, your green, kind of like hulk. You’re blue, you’re red, orange, yellow, and my daughter’s favorite teal. What she likes to call it meant blue. What’s really cool about these gels is now in deep, by the way, these are not color correcting jealousies or color effect gels. The nice thing about this is I can take these and put it, use a white backdrop and make the white backdrop, whatever color I want or I can add, you know, I can basically use a softbox and light something and change the color because of these.

On this side is the softbox. Now I’m going to pull it out and you can see right here is a soft box. We’ll get back to that in a second. Right here is a diffusion screen, so this is the soft box. This is a Octa, an octa box. It’s a 24 inch octobox and what you’ll notice is on the backside are a bunch of giant magnets. Now I opted to get the MAG box to fit my go. Docs Lights. It’s a Bowlin’s mount it. I’ll show you that in a second. But you can also opt to get this. So that actually holds your small strobes and they did it in a beautiful way. Here’s a clip from that. You just take these and you can stick them right into the back of the magazine. Check that out. Now Watch, I can secure these. So now that those flashes aren’t gonna go anywhere, so not only are the magnets holding them in place, but also these latch doors are basically holding them secure.

This is the inside of the Mag Bucks and all you have to do to open it up is push. Now it is set to go. I can take the diffusion screen and put it on top of the octobox and then go and just start shooting. Before that, I have one more thing to show you and then I’ll put it on a light stand. Remember this? Remember this gel? Well, this Gel would actually slip in like so right in front of the light, which means no light can get passed here. That is not already jelled. The gels, not out here, it’s not on the bulb itself. It fits perfectly in this little groove and that’s it. Now when it’s on a light and when you’ve got the diffusion screen in front, you might be wondering how do you get to the Gel? Well, that’s what that zippers for you basically unzip and then you stick your hand through and he just take off the jail and take it out.

Or if you want to put it back in, put your hand through and just snap right back in place. That simple. One thing that magma is very good at is making products simple. And when you’re all done, all you have to do is put your hand in there and pull the little tabs and then you can put her right back in the bag. It has a, one thing I noticed is that the, the softbox, it’ll get softer over time. It’s very rigid right now. It’s Kinda tough. So getting it in the bag, it’s kind of a hassle. But once you find the right place, it goes in perfectly. And again, once you went to get softer wants, this material softens up a bit. After use, it’ll fit much easier. Let’s put it on a light. And to do that, I’m going to need a light stand.

Good thing I got one right here. This is the [inaudible] that has a Bowen’s mount. If you would like to learn more about this light, just click on that card right above and you can see my video about it. So how do I get that Mag box onto this light? That’s where this comes in handy. This is the MAG box, mag speed ring, Mag box, speed ring adapter. Let’s open it up and put it on. This is nice metal. It’s not plastic. It is. This part is plastic. A little, you know, the little clip, but, but everything else is metal. Uh, pretty heavy duty. I’m impressed. All right, let’s flip it on.

The bone was mount is on my gold dock strobe. You can see that there’s this little lever here. This all this does is it is a little piece of plastic that pushes the softbox away from the mound, the speed ring so that you can remove it because you’ve got these heavy duty magnets on a thick piece of metal. He needs something to help separate and so you can get something to grab and pull it and whatnot. Listen to the sound. When I put the Mag mod on the speed ring, sound secure, doesn’t it? It’s not going anywhere. Now to open it up, like I said, you just push and now I have a softbox almost ready to go now because this is the mag mod around the ring are actually magnets. The magnets are, and there’s a little pieces of metal in the fabric here. Basically the magnets hold this in front.

The magnets are also really nice because it makes it so you don’t have to worry about holding one end while you put the other end on. It just stays okay. So as you can see it is on, I’ve got the modeling light on right now from the go dock flight. The modern light in here with an led, which is really nice. So let’s put a gel in two. You can see what happens when I slide a gel in here. Pick a color, any color. Let’s go with my daughter’s favorite mint blue, also known as teal. As you can see the light is now blue. All I do is flip in the colored Gel and it’s done. I don’t know if you’ll be able to tell a difference when I put this in front in the video, but I’m going to put it in front so you can have a look.


Now we can put this right back in front. So I made a mistake. I’m, I was incorrect about the focus diffuser. I called a Bemer, right. Basically the focus diffuser is that clear, the trend that that sort of translucent filter that could go on over the MAG box. Um, so just it came with two that came with the regular white diffusion screen and then the focus diffuser, the focus diffuser is meant to be, or a placement of the light diffusion screen if you want. Basically what Mag mod is saying is when you use that and only that, you’re getting two more stops of light out of the, out of the MAG box, which makes the brightest softbox around because you can just add this and now your light is two stops brighter, which means you can lower your, the output of your life faster, recycle times, potentially lower your ISO if you need to and things like that.

So, so that’s what that’s for. I was incorrect. You don’t put the, you don’t have, you can’t put the white diffusion over on top of it if you want to, but you really don’t need to. You just put the focus, the fusion and that’s it. Or you put the white diffusion screen and that’s it. Let’s get back to this. That’s the MAG box. Now I can’t wait to put it to use. It’s just a softbox. So there’s no point in me showing you examples of the f the photos of with and without the softbox, but uh, cause it’s just a soft box, but it’s just the ease of the softbox is what I think is so amazing. The ease of use and the ease of use and the simplicity magnets. The fact that Mag mod, I mean their magnet and mod, the fact that Mag mod uses magnets for everything is brilliant because it really has simplify things.

In fact, look at what pro photo and go docs have done with their recent lights. So they’ve come out with that. Also have magnet based modifiers. They didn’t create that. They got that idea from magma. So magma has created a brand new market in the photo industry. I brand new niche in the photo industry that a lot of these lighting companies are going with, and it’s because of them. So more innovation. I can’t wait to see what else is coming from mag mod in the future. You gotta love it. Gotta love it when you put a light behind you and you have light in the front edge, the separation. I love it.

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