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I’m in a networking group for educators in the photography industry. Many times in the group we go back and forth asking and answering business questions. But every so often the conversations get technical.

I had the pleasure of helping a colleague with a predicament she was in.

I am charged with live streaming a High School soccer game tomorrow (the installed streaming camera is busted) and I don’t mind since no spectators are allowed, and this way I get to go.

But I don’t have an encoder, and I was hoping to upgrade from an iPhone to Facebook Live to a video camera at least. Is anyone familiar with live streams have any suggestions for me? Thank you!

Answering this was right up my ally, so I replied asking if she has a mirrorless camera she could use as a webcam, potentially.

She did!

Canon R6

She has the Canon R6 already, and even better is that the field is set up with an ethernet connection for fast Internet and better live streaming.

Because she has the camera, and the Internet connection is secured, all she had to do was install Canon’s webcam utility onto her computer.

Doing so means she can use her camera, through the USB connection, and it will become a webcam she can then put on a tripod, pan, zoom, etc.

Here is a video demonstrating the webcam utility software in action.

If you are using a mirrorless camera as well, it is likely that the company who makes your camera also has webcam utility software.

I hope you find this as helpful as she did!

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