Let The Details Go

In photography, there are many “rules” that can be broken. Some of which are more important than others. However, all are not in stone.

I’m a believer in creating a photograph that is how I vision it, which makes the most sense.

This photograph is a perfect example of that statement.

Let those details go! – tweet this

You see, there are a lot of areas in this photograph where shadows disappear. They are so dark that there is no detail.

I’m OK with that.

In fact, I like it so much better than if details were there. Why? It’s more realistic.

I could have easily created this photograph as HDR, but decided against it for the reason I just mentioned.

Details aren’t always important, so let them go.


  • Adobe Lightroom
  • onOne Software Perfect Effects

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  1. Absolutely beautiful Scott, and just so without those pesky details! Well done!

  2. Wonderful shot, indeed!
    Nice job of capturing the scene, Scott.

    I see the “rules” as guidelines for the basics of photography. There are no one-size-fits-all rules or approaches, it’s more about what one envisions and wants to express.

  3. Great shot Scott. I am not really sure that you broke any rules here at all, maybe bent them a bit only :-)

    I agree, one of my biggest problems with “HDR” is the lack of shadows or highlights. The world is full of highlights and shadows, and our images should reflect that, IMO.

  4. Wow, great shot there scott!

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