April 4, 2009 – 4AM for the 4amProject

Melissa, Sami and I had a long drive from New Jersey down to Baltimore, Maryland. After a long day of work and by the time we arrived in Baltimore we were both so tired so we went right to sleep.

My alarm was set for 3:50am and somehow I woke up right before it went off. We were sleeping on the 3rd floor of our friends house which leads out to a patio and then up a spiral staircase to a rooftop patio.


After waking up I grabbed my camera and tripod and climbed the stairs to the roof. It sure was windy in Baltimore at four in the morning. I set my camera up and started getting some nice 30 second exposures of pure ambient glory.


When I was done I climbed back down the stairs and brought everything inside to capture a 4am shot of the room we were sleeping in. It’s a beautiful room with a lot of great window shadows.


As it turns out, my camera didn’t have the correct date or time set which is quite strange.

It was a great experience. Thanks Karen for the great idea and for the fun project! Hopefully we can make this happen ever year!

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