The device to hold an iPad at eye level

One of the problems with using phones and tablets for video conversations is the constant looking down, or other awkward angles.

The person you’re speaking with doesn’t want to see up your nose, or under your chin.

They want to see you, face to face, straight on.

There are many products availble to hold your devices, but an incredible company making amazing products just released something that is perfect for so many.

Twelve South has just released the HoverBar Duo.

It’s an ergonic, flexible, and well built, product designed to hold a phone or a tablet, like an iPad, at eye level.

Simple put it on a table and let its weighted base hold your device sturdy.

Or clamp it to a desk or to a cabinet and use the arm to adjust it be just right for you.

  • It can hold an iPad or iPhone in infinite positions, heights, and angles.
  • Includes a weighted desktop stand and shelf clamp.
  • It lifts your iPad to eye-level for FaceTime and video conference calls.
  • Use at a desk or anywhere for hands-free iPad or iPhone use.

Here is a video about it.

As you can see, for teachers, this device can also turn your iPad into a document camera. That’s a bonus!

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