House Below The Milky Way
House Below The Milky Way

I am very proud to share this as the first of a series of photographs from Washington state.

A few weeks ago I flew into Seattle, Washington to meet up with a group of friends. We spent the day walking the city and then head up to the Palouse area the next morning.

Oddly enough, this photograph is one of the last I made during the trip. It was following our final sunset. But it is also the most challenging and most rewarding photograph I made from the trip.

Why? Because until now I have been cursed with bright skies, light pollution and full moons. Each of which prevented me from being able to photograph the Milky Way. But that night, the sky was clear and the stars were begging to be photographed.

[cliThe curse is broken and the result is beautiful!

On this night we ended up at the Weber House. You’re not allowed to get too close to the house, but you can photograph it as much as you want. You can even light paint it. After the light painting adventures were done, I photographed it below the Milky Way.

It took over two hours for me to process this photograph, and after pushing it to 500px it made its way to Upcoming and Popular within a matter of minutes. It made me proud, happy and grateful for the opportunity for the trip and time in Palouse, Washington.

Now I can’t wait to share some of my other favorites from the trip.

So please stay tuned!

PS. If you are looking for an amazing tutorial on star photography, check out Dave Morrow’s tutorial.

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