Creating my Headshot Photography Setup

See how I am creating my headshot photography setup for client work. Typically my studio is setup for the YouTube videos. I’ve built my set so it’s a quick conversion from my video style to a headshot photography set. I can convert my studio into a headshot photography setup in under 5 minutes. In this video, I show you how it’s done and talk about what is being used.

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Well, you just saw as my transformation from my video set to my headshot set, what I did was I took the tripod, which was right where I’m from recording right now. When I, I got everything set up with the microphone and the camera in the perfect position. And I have it on a wheeled set, which I’ll be talking about in another video. So the first thing I did was I took that out of the way it goes, wheeled it out of the way. And I replaced my key light, which is four videos with a key light that’s for, for the headshots to strobe, instead of a constant led light. I then put in another light because for headshots, I like to have the face more equally lit. They won’t be at the exact same level of brightness, but they will be more equal than just what a reflector can do.

But I am leaving this reflector here because that helps with the light under the nose, under the chin. And so on then in the back, I am going to have a light that is in, towards the background, just to light it a little bit, just a little bit of light. And then I’m actually going to add one more, which I haven’t done yet in the back corner and aimed at the back of the subject’s head. Now I am doing a headshot tomorrow. I do these at a safe distance with a mask as needed, and it’s all good. It’ll be a quick thing, but 10 minutes and it’ll be done. I get to then put it all back into my video set because I don’t have another headshot book too soon. Now, if you’re wondering why I have the tripod on wheels and not the light stand on wheels, I just have to tell you, I do have a base of with wheels for C stands, which is what I use for my light in studio.

And I have one that’s on wheels on backorder, just waiting for it to come in and we’ll see when that comes. What you’re seeing right now is the exact view I will be seeing when I’m doing the headshot tomorrow, I’ll be basically photographing through two soft boxes. I’ve got a, a strip box, like a big rectangle, and then I have an Octa box here and I’ll be photographing through it. You won’t see it in the headshot, but I’ll be photographing through it at the time. So what you see right now is what I’ll be seeing from my end while making that jobs.

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