Heads Up Display for Video Calls and Classes

Videographer, video educator, and YouTuber, Caleb Pike, shared a video going over his new teleprompter setup for when he films himself.

He demonstrates how effective it is to keep your eye on the lens without even trying.

The benefit of this setup is that it can work perfectly for any public speakers and educators who do virtual education through platforms like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Konf and more.

The one and the only downside of this setup is cost because in addition to the teleprompter hardware, the monitor, you need cables, a camera, and a tripod.

Directly after the video, I share the exact two products Caleb is using in his setup. If you already have cables, a tripod, and a camera, then you’re all set.

The equipment required

If you do not already have HDMI cables, or a tripod, head over to Amazon to pick up what you need.

With a setup like this you will always have your eyes on the camera, so your viewers see how engaged you are. No longer will you be looking down.

If you want to take this a step further, use the small monitor as a secondary screen from your computer so that your guest is on the teleprompter instead of yourself.

Now you’re always looking at your guests, instead of looking to the side or looking down.

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