HDR Tennis Game 7 Result
HDR Tennis - Game 7 Result

HDR TennisIf you remember, at the end of Game 6, a bunch of us posted results on our blogs.  I recorded a video, of how I created the HDR. I am going to really try hard to do this every time.  Game 7’s brackets were supplied by Peter Talke.  It was a moody scene in London and very interesting, and challenging, set of shots to work with.

In the video, which is from start to finish of my processing, you will see the many steps it took for me to get the HDR to where I was happy.  The video is also faster than realtime so if you need, pause it so you can get the full effect.

The Video


  1. Tone-Mapped in Photomatix
  2. Noise Reduction with Nik Software Dfine
  3. Processed in OnOne Software PhotoTools

The Result

HDR Tennis - Game 7 Result
HDR Tennis – Game 7 Result

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Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

the Jacob F. Lucas result
the Mike Olbinski result

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  1. Scott,

    You had me fooled. I didn’t pay much attention to the images when I uploaded them and I was positive this one was Bob Lussier’s – it has that wonderful, dreamy, Lussieresque look to it. Nicely done!

    1. Thanks Dave!

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