Having Fun In Ten Stops
With the ND Filter
Before the Neutral Density Filter

At the recent Asbury Park Photowalk I was playing with my 10-stop neutral density filter a lot.  The boardwalk was very busy so I knew removing people would be fun.  There are a few things to keep in mind when shooting with a neutral density filter.

  • They’re expensive so be careful
  • You can’t see through the viewfinder when its on, but if you have a Canon then the live view will adjust to see through it
  • ND filters can cause color shifts
  • If a person stops in front of your camera then you will see a foggy ghost look
  • If there is too much constant movement then the result will be blurred
With the ND Filter

I didn’t have much time (aside from the 2 minutes I waited for the ND shot) to try again because the photowalk group was on the move.  I did experience a curious boy stand directly in front of me during the exposure.  I still like the feel of the shot with the ND filter on.  It has a vintage look which for Asbury Park works well.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting

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