Does GoGuardian work with Zoom?

We received a question about monitoring student activity in Zoom. The tricky part here is that services like GoGuardian typically monitor what’s happening in the Chrome browser on Chromebooks.

Looking for a resource that’s like GoGuardian but for Zoom. I’m told there is no such thing

However, on Chromebooks, Zoom is its own app. It’s not in the browser. So does GoGuardian monitor student activity there?

I figured the best way to get that answer is to go straight to the source.

So I sent GoGuardian a Tweet.

I figured this was the answer. Because GoGuardian is designed to monitor only the activity in the Chrome browser, it cannot see what students are doing outside of the browser.

That means if they are using any ChromeOS app, like Google Photos, GoGuardian cannot monitor it.

So the answer, on how to monitor Zoom on a Chromebook, is to have a paid Zoom account so you can view the operation logs. This is a manual process, and definitely not a visual one. Here is Zoom’s documentation on their logs.

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