Godox AD600 Pro Review

Until recently I never thought I would purchase a Godox product. However, the Godox AD600 Pro has a very powerful LED modeling light, which means it can serve as a light for stills and video.

So I tested the Godox AD600 Pro out in the field for a family portrait session. In this video, you will see my thoughts both good and bad on the product.

FLASHPOINT version of the AD600 Pro.


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  1. I’m hearing a “ping” noise from my new AD600pro lights when the strobe pops.
    some sort of reverberation…not horrible but noticeable compared to higher quality rental lights.
    Do your Godox’ make this noise…is this normal? I’m thinking it might distract myself and the subject.

    1. I get the normal pop from a strobe, and then the recycle beep. But nothing else.

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