Full Speed Ahead

A few weeks back I photographed a college hockey game in Wall, New Jersey.

The game was between The College of New Jersey versus Monmouth University.  My brother-in-law’s best friend is player number twenty-eight.

Having played hockey in the past, I always enjoy a good game.  And this was one of those.

Full Speed Ahead

I find it so funny how fans and families and friends dress for hockey games, compared to other games.  I think the closest sport to hockey in that regard is going to be football.

People come in layers, with hats and gloves and even blankets and hand warmers.

This night it was already 20 degrees outside. In the area it was colder.

One thing I find obnoxious are the fans that talk a lot of crap about the other team. They cheer for fights, and for the referees to make better calls. But then the tables turn, so does their attitude towards the same thing. They only want better calls on their side, not the other side.  I guess that’s more of a sport thing in general.

Got to love hockey.

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