6 Things Flea Markets Taught Me About Photography Marketing


Melissa and I went to a local flea market here in New Jersey.

While walking around, I started getting inspired about how people were marketing and selling their “junk”.

So I, of course, took out my iPhone and started taking notes as we walked around the dirt field of sellers.

When time permitted, I sat down and wrote a fairly long article on the 6 items I noticed.

  1. Speak Their Language
  2. Don’t Over Price
  3. Don’t Over Sell
  4. You Must Stand Out
  5. Show Your Best Stuff
  6. Don’t Sell Dirt Cheap

The article was published on Seven By Five.  Please head over the to the website to read What Flea Markets Can Tell Us About Photography Marketing.  Each of the 6 things were detailed in the original article.  It may cause some controversy due to the fact that I’m writing about flea markets and photography in the same article.  But that’s the point right? Get the conversation started.

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