Finding a photographer for your family photos

How do I find one?

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Yes, you could ask your neighbor to take your family photos but will you get what you pay for?  Most likely.  So how do you find a family photographer in your area? The first thing to do is a quick Google search.  That’s right! Even a freelance photographer like myself will use Google Places because it is good for business.  So let’s say you’re in New Jersey.

Go to Google and search “Family Photographer New Jersey” and look how many pop up.  The first results you see are typically paid advertisements.  Most likely they are legitimate results and so they could be worth checking out.  My favorite thing to do is to check out the websites of those with the Google Places icon next to their information. That icon means they are a verified business (studio or freelancer). Easy!

So what do you look for in a family photographer?

The first thing you want to make sure is that their portfolio is to your liking.  Do you want your cliché family photo?  Do you want something really out there?  Do you want it near a lake?  A barn?  Around the dinner table?  Check out the portfolio and if you like it, give them a shout.

Proof is in the pudding

Does their website have testimonials?.

In fact, some people are quite shady.  You never know if the testimonials they put on their websites are real.  I could say to read the Google Places review of that photographer, but who knows if they actually used the service.    As for some referrals.  Call or email someone who used the photographer.  Could that be a setup too? Sure!  Feel them out.  Not everyone is shady.

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Are they close to you?  If the photographer is traveling a distance to photograph your family, don’t be shocked if they charge extra.


How is their pricing?  Family photos should never be close to $1,000.  I’d say maybe $500 max.  But that is my opinion.  It really depends on the amount of time and what you need in the end.


Please remember that although many photographers, including myself, have NAPP, ASMP, WPPI, PPA or any other photography association badge it does not mean they are necessarily an awesome photographer. It just means they paid to be a part of that organization. Do your research and check out portfolios.

In the end

So there you have it.  Some tips to help you pick a photographer.  I hope it helped point you in a good direction and to know what to look for.

Like my tips?
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Thanks for reading and happy family photographing,


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