How To Find Photos In Lightroom – How To Keyword Photos in Lightroom

Learn how to find photos in Lightroom in this Excire Search (Pro) Review. Excire Search uses artificial intelligence to create a database of keywords around your Lightroom Classic CC catalog. Its database is separate from Lightroom’s, and offers the ability to quickly find practically any photo easily in Lightroom. Find people, colors, objects and more. Transfer its AI generated keywords from Excire to the image metadata. Excire is smart and powerful and so happy to share this with you.

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Have you ever wanted Google Photos or you know any of those smart Photo System search capabilities inside of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC Well then this is the video for you.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with exciter search for some time now and I now have been testing Excire search with exciter search pro and I’m quite impressed. Now if you recall I have always said I’m a skeptic of a AI but I do use AI artificial intelligence for different things and one of the things that I love AI for is search capability and tagging of images to excite or search will actually increase the RAM resources the uses and usage of your computer’s RAM. It is sort of resource intensive on your computer but for good reason. It’s looking at all of the photos in your lightroom catalog and really creating a it’s own database of each photo and what the photo is comprised of. So for example if you have a photo that looks like a selfie it will have this sort of database of selfie attached to it. If it’s a woman it will attach woman to it.

So that way you can at one point just go ahead and search your entire catalog using sire’s search and search for a female selfie. Pretty cool right. You could search for a variety of things like blue car and that’s where I’m going to show you right now. So here we are inside of the Leitrim plug in the manager and this is Excire search by the way I don’t know if it’s actually pronounced Excire or Ex-sir or something like that. I’m pronouncing it Excire because I think the chord anyway.

So that’s how I’m pronouncing it. So sorry guys I’m pronouncing it wrong I apologize. So I’m using version one point three point three. You might be watchings down the road and it might be a later version with improvement. I don’t know. So I have fast initialisation enabled that way. It is speeding up the process a little bit. I prefer using smart smart previews which will also speed up the process. That means I can even leave my external hard drive detached and disabled and it will still be able to initialize and then if you do a lot with stacks instead of Lightroom I highly recommend doing that because it will actually look at stacks which will further speed up your Lightroom scanning the initialization of the X sire’s database so to utilize Excire you first go to a library plug in extras and you’ll see that you have a whole bunch of different things now.

The first thing that you’ll need to do before you do anything else is initialize photos and I’m not going to do that because I’ve already done it. But basically you just give it the OK and you have to step away because it is going to take a while. I have hundreds of thousands have 175 thousand photos in my catalog. It took hours for this to go. And that’s even with the speed improvements that I checked off as you just saw. But once you have them all initialized you can then search by different things you can search by.

An example photo so if I want to search for photo that is like the photo I’m currently on I can do that and find similar photos I can also search by keyword by faces and I can transfer keywords to the metadata of the photo so I’m going to show you those three things right now I’m not going to show you search by example photo because it’s kind of obvious what is going to do it’s going to search for a photo that is similar to what is currently selected. But if I search by keyword it is going to bring up this promp that’s going to say what keywords do you want to search for. So I could type in something like a car. And I’m going to check off car and I’m going to say I want it to be dominantly blue and let’s uncheck take all these colors were a previous search so I want to look for a blue car.

Right now I can search the whole catalog or just the current filmstrip. I’m going to search the whole catalog because I am currently really not looking at anything specifically and I’m going to start now what is going to do is I have a shoot to display a 100 at max. I’m going to have a say 5 or so it’s a little faster. Now it’s going to create a collection that is controlled by Excire and that collection is one that could be edited. However really you should just let it be and create another collection and drag things out of the clar one because as you can see here it will override the previous results.

If you have that checked and whatnot it’s always going to send to the same higher collection. Okay so we’re going to start and you can see already it says 13 photos match the criteria. So you know what I’m going to say 13 just because we know that it’s going to be 13 and we’re going to start and let it go and it’s going to take a second or two to figure it out.

I can then go to the collection you can see that.

Give me some further instructions but I’m going to go to collections and exciter searches right here. Let’s collapse all these are so that this is more prominent and you could see this 13 let’s show all of them you can see that is giving me pretty good results.

Blue car blue car to duplicate blue car. Another duplicate blue car. No debris.

I got a bunch of duplicates in here from the past for some reason. Blue. Sort of a blue car. It’s very good. It’s not a blue car but it does have a blue background. So the software is this is where AI sometimes fails it didn’t fail necessarily but it’s not precise right. It sees blue and sees a car. So he’s going to use that. It’s it doesn’t know 100 percent. It even has the blue tint on the hood of the car and the reflection so it thinks it’s a blue car. And then we’ve got a white car but it’s kind of cool tone. So it looks kind of bluish. And then we have another one that’s the inside of a car to look cool toned and then a T-shirt that one’s is very wrong.

Says the blue T-shirt but it thinks it’s a car probably because the shapes of the cameras but you get the idea. And as you can see it created a a a collection which could become a sinked collection to light your mobile if I wanted to.

Now let’s go back to library and then we’re going to search for faces and when you search for faces you can actually specify if you wanted one face single portrait. Two faces several faces and he faces and what age group you want the faces to be. You can only select one at a time of these two parts. So we’re going to say two faces and I’m going to say an adult and we’ll say male with a smile. Right now this 1242 I’m going to just say. Show me 10 and would override the previous results.

Give it a second. It’s going to update this. And again you can tell us you can sort everything and here those photos these are my brothers. This is me and a cousin again cousins cousins. You know sister law and brother in law. Me and a cousin. And then we got some cruddy photos again all male faces with smiles.

So as you can see Exide does a pretty good job with that as well. So you’re not actually looking for a specific person’s face like you can do already inside of Lightroom but you’re looking for a specific type of facial expression of the person and things like that.

Now there’s also transfer keywords. So I’m going to go here and look at what it recommends to transfer the keywords to the metadata of this photo. So these are all the keywords that it recommends. You can see these are the key words and have a ready for the photo.

And these are the ones that is recommending face adult teenager person to faces sport smile. Karate is already there and I can go ahead and I can check all these I can select. I can check specific ones and we can go ahead and transfer all these. I’m going to transfer inclose and then all we’re going to do is look at the metadata of this photo and you’re going to see that now all of those keywords are right here in the metadata. Now the cool part about seier search pro is that you can actually do this in batches of a lot of photos or all of her photos in the whole catalogue or the filmstrip. You can say do all of them and you know select the ones that match and just do them all. Now I do recommend doing these sort of batches if you’re planning on doing that. Not doing the whole entire catalogue do it for a filmstrip make sure it’s working the way you want and then you can move forward. No sire. Like I said does a really good job overall. It does have some false positives. If you want to call it that as you have seen it does have some false positives.

The blue car was not really precise and but otherwise it does a very good job. You know just in general so let’s do another one just you see bearded and let’s see if there is something with Gray in a beard. No.

Let’s see if there’s anything black with a beard Nope I take away that 186 much beer.

Let’s just see what comes up with beard.

And give it a second. And these are all my my self portraits. And then a client photo from years and years ago. So you can see it does a good job there. Now if you ever think that new photos are not being indexed in the database you could actually go ahead and go to a library and update photos.

And what this would do is we’ll just update to make sure that all the photos that haven’t been indexed already are indexed next sire.

Now again this does take time it does take resources. So either do the whole catalog and step away let it go all night or just do filmstrips at a time. Let’s say you import a new job for a client. You know it does actually update add to the index as you import which does increase the speed of it or increase the length of time for importing but it’s ok.

I’m really digging exile. I think it’s going to add a lot to photographers workflows especially for key wording. Now if you’re a stock photographer this might be your best friend for a keyword in your stock images. Otherwise if you’re always looking for ways to figure out what to put in your text for when you upload images to your website this could help give you some keyword ideas of what you could do. Now maybe in the future. Exciter Wasow do that for description. That would be really neat. There’s already tools out there to do that. Great but I can see Excire working towards that is they’re focused heavily on the images the photographs and they’re really focused on photographers. So I want to just say real quick thank you to Excire for letting me work with this tool. I really appreciate it. I am a big fan of what you’re doing even as a skeptic for artificial intelligence. I’m a big fan of what you’re doing. I can only see good things happening from here and I’m really excited to see what is coming in the future. Of course be sharing that as you update things.

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