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Finding the right people with Excire Search 2 Pro has never been easier. Actually, it’s inside of Lightroom Classic. Excire Search has always been fast, but now it’s even faster. With Excire Search 2 Pro you can find any face from an existing photo but fine-tune the results based on expressions, colors and more.

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I’ve been an [inaudible] pro user for a couple of years now and I’m very excited about the new version 2.0 and its speed improvement and its new facial recognition feature. Hey, this has got one kibble with a storyteller with a camera talking about all the things photographers like you and I are thinking about, and in this video we’re talking about [inaudible] pro and finding the right people find somebody with their face on other photos in your entire catalog. It’s kind of like what light room has built in with their people. Find her, except you can actually find tune and say find this person’s face with this keyword or this person’s face with multiple people or a single person or two people. And then also add it when this, when a specific color is found. So we’re going to dive into light room and open up XR pro 2.0 and they’re new people.

Find her and see what you can do that Lightroom can’t do on its own. Let’s say you want to find a photo that’s in your Lightroom catalog. You know, light rooms, facial recognition for their people. Search their people. Browse is, it’s okay, it’s not amazing, but it does a decent job. So that’s where XR pro 2.0 can really come in handy is finding people really the way you want and they can do it in your entire catalog and super fast, like really fast. Here I am in a collection which has, it’s from a client and it has almost 20,000 photos just in this one collection. So I can go ahead and hit library, plug an extras, and then search for people. And what’s going to happen is this dialogue is going to appear. You can see it recognize the face and now I want to find similar faces, right?

Some filter by face. I want to find similar with, if I want eyes closed, I can do that. But I really, I want eyes open. I don’t care about smile or no smile. Many times he is not smiling and then I can filter by face count if I want just him in the photo. If I want three faces, a group of faces, two phases, things like that. I want one face. Then you can select keywords that you want. I’m not going to select the keyword for this, but you can actually find tune. If you want to search for a keyword like red, which will probably find it, any ones of him in front of the banner because the banner has red in it and then now you can search the whole catalog or you can search just the film strip. In this case just the film strip would be this collection with just shy of 20,000 photos in it, so I’m going to do film strip, just those even a little bit faster and then you can set how many photos you want to be displayed.

I’m going to say 120 for this purpose and then it’s going to override the previous results, which means that the [inaudible] search collection that is created by this leg room plugin will actually be updated with these photos and I’m going to hit start. It’s going to take a second and it’s going to update with photos based on that criteria. And you can see it has another photo of him in it. Single face, no smiling. So what we will do is we will go back to library, plug an extra search for people. It’s going to bring up the dialog box and I’m going to say any face and I don’t care about the eyes open or not actually yeah, let’s do eyes open any face. I don’t care about the keywords. Let’s search the film strip and let’s see what comes up. This way you can see we’ve got more photos now with more than one person in it and here you can tell it’s the wrong people.

This one you can tell it’s the same person and this one you can tell us the same person. So yes you can get a lot of good results from XR pro 2.0 is search for people feature. It is more fine tuneable then light rooms built in facial recognition feature. But this one you can actually get quite specific about how you find the results. Like if you want to base it on a keyword like color or text or writing, now the keyword will actually come into play from XR pro. Most of the keywords will come into play from X pro. When it imports the photos, you can make it so that it creates keywords on import automatically. So you can see here, colors, eyes, open, face, frontal face, and then adult beard, bright and Brown, right? It’s all in here. One face person, sepia tones. And then there’s some where I edit like the karate studios, name, karate New Jersey, and then the person’s actual name. So there’s some that XR pro has created and there’s some that I have created. So what do you think about X, Y, or pro 2.0 is new people find her in that facial recognition feature in the fine tuning with the, with the keywords and all that cool stuff that you can do. The colors. It’s so cool. I love it. Comment below. Let me know what you think and I’ll look forward to seeing you in the next video.

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