WE35 Field Report – Swapping Frames

swapping-framesThe June mission for the WE35 project was to swap RAW files with another member of the WE35 project. The member we swapped with was determined randomly from Justin and Armando of The Photo Frontier.

I was partnered with Billie Lusk who does her processing in Photoshop Elements.  I do most of my processing in Adobe Lightroom and on1.

It’s always fun to process someone else’s photographs as it makes you think outside of your comfort zone.


The photo below is what Billie provided to me. She described it as a “scenic overlook in Colorado Springs – before the sun burned off the overcast day.”

I’ve never been to Colorado Springs, so this was a fun one.  Immediately I knew I wanted to play with lens corrections.

During the editing I decided to go further than just lens corrections. I added some split toning, a graduated filter to enhance the mountain view and then a radial filter to enhance the scene overall. I use radial filters many times in place of the vignette tool as it offers more fine tuned control.


In the end I’ve provided Billie with a dreamy landscape that is borderline surreal.

I hope she likes it as much as I do!

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  1. I do like it as much as you do actually!
    and i’m pretty sure our versions WOULD have turned out the same had I edited the shot (as much as I loved it I argued with myself to NOT EDIT IT)

    still need to clean that stupid spot

  2. Nice use of the subtle filters to accentuate the image.

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