The Drift in Jordan Pond

There is so much driftwood in Jordan Pond.  So much so that you walk 5 feet and find a new one floating above the water, or sitting at the pond floor.


This fallen tree was likely once much larger.  But over the years I’d imagine that the weather, animals and bugs are slowly decreased its size.

It sits perfectly on a bunch of rocks, perfectly still.

I could not find a way to get out to the tree without getting into the water up to my waist.  So instead I positioned myself to capture the tree and the surrounding landscape.  In the distance you can also see another photographer capturing a photograph of the bubbles.

Acadia National Park has stunning colors.  Click on the photograph to enlarge it, and take it all in.  Enjoy the beauty of Acadia.  Then write it down on your list of places to visit, because it is well worth the trip.


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