Day To Night Photography

Day to night photography is way easier than you think. No longer do you need Photoshop to manually edit a photo to look like it’s night. To easily and quickly convert a photo from day to night, try Skylum Luminar. The app has a feature called Ai Sky Replacement and a variety of built-in skies to choose from. You can also use your own. In this video, you will see me take a daytime photo of my daughter dancing in the daytime and make it look like the night with the Milkyway behind her. All in a matter of seconds using Skylum Luminar. Day to night photography has never been so simple.

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So the ticktock owner round of this photographer, this mom that is photographing her daughter in her front yard, she shows the before and then the after is this beautiful night scape photo with the Milky way behind her. And I want to show you that not only was it fake, but how to actually replicated.

As you just saw, I just went outside and did a quick photo session with my daughter. And I’m about to show you that you can easily, easily, just quickly convert daytime to nighttime and add the Milky way.

So it’s very possible that this photographer, this mom does live in an area where there’s such little light pollution, that she’s able to get photographs with the Milky way, but the way she presented it with kind of daytime, daytime to nighttime. And then I had people asking me how she’s doing it. So that is why I just showed you what I showed you. So how did I do it? Sky loom? Luminar four has AI sky replacement. It’s that simple, not only will it replace the sky, but it’ll also take the ambience from the sky and put it onto the person making daytime to nighttime. And then I use their AI portrait enhancer to fine tune my daughter to make her look like she is a subject like she’s illuminated instead of just being dark. That’s it that’s how easy it was. Sky loom. Luminar for want to play game nighttime, daytime nighttime. If you liked this video, click that subscribe button below. Right now, I publish new videos every Monday and Thursday, whenever possible. You don’t want to miss it and cry to kick the notification bell. So you’re notified when the next video goes live.

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