Sun Flare In Lightroom vs Luminar

Sun Flare in Lightroom. Easy? Realistic? How about a Sun Flare in Luminar? A viewer asked how to create a sun flare in Lightroom. Fortunately I have a preset pack called Flare Up designed specifically for this task. However, Lightroom is not designed to create sun flares, but rather edit photos with sun flares already there. At the same time, Luminar is designed to create sun flares. In this video, I compare creating a sun flare in Lightroom vs Luminar.

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I saw a few Facebook pictures developed in lightroom and they were sun flare pictures and I’ve been trying to achieve them in Lightroom, but not successful. So I’m wondering if you can help. Hey, this is Scott Wyden. Kivowitz a storyteller with the camera talking about all the things photographers like you and I are thinking about. And in this video, I want to talk about sun flare light flare, light leaks. I got an email from a photographer. It’s the one that you just heard me read earlier in this video, the photographer is looking for a way to make the sun flare inside of Lightroom. Here we are inside of Lightroom, and you can see that I have a photo up here and I have my, flare up Lightroom presets that you can get at Scott And you can see that if you can easily just hover over and see the differences that each one makes.

And the beautiful part about these is that they are all fully customizable inside of Lightroom. You don’t have to leave lightroom and you can modify them at your will at any time. Now here’s the thing. lightroom is fantastic at doing certain things, but it is not great at doing sun flare. It’s not designed to create sun flare lightroom is designed to edit photos, not to create a photo. That’s more of what Photoshop is for or AI tools like Luminar AI that can actually add in sun flare on the fly, but you can sort of hack it a little bit. Let’s say that I had the sun over here in this photo that you see right here. Let’s see right in between these two buildings right here by the top of this crane. And that’s where the sun is peeking through. So I can go ahead to my local adjustment and grab this one sun flare that I’ve created in my preset.

And I can shrink it down to make it smaller and make it more like what the sun would produce. If the sun was there. And then I could go ahead and adjust the temperature to match the sun and enhance the sun. You could smooth it out and make it more feathered. You could do a lot of different things as you want, however you want, but it’s worth noting that if you want an actual sun flare, you can not do that inside of Lightroom. If you would like the flare up presets, just head over to Scott and pick up the pre-set package they’re included. But if you’re looking for a true sun flare, I w I recommend picking up something like Luminar Illumina AI. Here we are inside of Luminar. This is the same exact photo that you were just looking at without any flare on it at all.

And if we go to the creative tab and then go down to where it says sunrays, and we click on that, turn it on, place the sun in the center, and then raise the amount of that. We can then take this and move it to exactly where I was talking about writing the top of this crane. And then you can go ahead and do your adjustments from there so we can change the amount to make it more, look, more realistic, go to the overall, look again. You want to make it look as realistic as possible, changes sun length, or make it smaller. So it doesn’t protrude down here at the bottom can change the amount of rays, suns, glow.

I think just like that. Let’s make it warmer. There we go. Now here’s the before and after let’s actually click off of that. So we hide that before, after, before, after that is more of what we would see with an actual Sunray with an actual sun flare, rather than what Lightroom is capable of doing. And as you can see, Luminar did it quite easily with minimal effort. If you want to take this a step further, you could simply by replacing the sky overall, you could go ahead and choose a sky that you want to replace. So let’s go with a dramatic sunset, and then we can actually do some har, uh, horizon bending to make it more how we want to change the position. I think something like that is more realistic. Go to advanced settings and make that match. And now you can see we’ve got more of a sky and we have the sun flare coming out here.

You can see that it’s way more realistic than what it was with just that bland sky that was already there. And if we go ahead and we de-focus the sky, you can see that it’s bringing more attention to the foreground, which is what we want anyway, but we’ve got that sun flare just sort of bouquets in the background. So there are your options. Your options are either doing it inside of Lightroom, which can give you a little bit of control over doing some sun flare, but not much. And then there’s something like what Luminar can offer or Illumina AI can offer, which can make an actual sun flare and you can replace the sky, which is pretty cool. So again, if you’re interested in the presets, just go to Scott And if you’re interested in Illumina, just go to sky I will link to both of those in the description down below, but before you go be sure to click the subscribe button. I publish new videos every Monday and Thursday, whenever possible.

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