Cutest Baby Announcement Ever

My nephew was born on January 13th 2012, just before midnight.   When he was five days old I went to my brother and sister-in-law’s house to take Holden’s baby announcement photos.  We had a few ideas in mind and knew that there wasn’t much time to get the shots done.

Holden likes being warm, so he didn’t mind the photo shoot while wearing the onesie.  He didn’t like the photo shoot when wearing only a diaper.  So there are many cute shots that did not make the cut.  You can see some of them on my sister-in-law’s blog, She is Sew Crafty.

In the end, one photo was standing out above the rest.  We went with the original idea and came out with the cutest baby announcement ever.  Being a Shel Silverstein fan, I am glad my brother and sister-in-law were okay with me throwing the book into the mix!


The printed announcement contained some more personal information which I removed for posting on my website.

A few days ago I posted the From My Eye of the setup for this photograph, titled From My Eye – Baby and Books.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. Really well done, Scott.

    Nice work!

  2. Wow. This is beautiful. Well done and congratulations.

  3. This baby announcement puts all others on our refrigerator to shame. I definitely caught the Shel Silverstein, and was pretty psyched by it, I’m a fan too. Great job.

  4. You’re right that is the cutest baby announcement I’ve seen. Really excellent.

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