CoSchedule – Your WordPress Editorial Calendar

coschedule-editorial-calendarCoSchedule is your WordPress editorial calendar for content and social media sharing.

The software is not free, but it’s also not too expensive. For about $100 a year you can easily manage your content within WordPress or even outside of WordPress.

This includes posting to Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus Pages, LinkedIn and Tumblr.  CoSchedule also connects to Buffer which opens the doors for more opportunities.

Some of the advantages of CoSchedule are as follows:

  • You can easily schedule your social media messages before you even publish your blog posts. That helps you plan ahead to save time later.
  • You can check your social media sharing analytics to know how every post performs. And with that knowledge, you can write even more shareable posts.
  • Your existing posts might already be awesome. But sharing them again even weeks or months after they publish to get the most out of your work.
  • CoSchedule allows you to stop using multiple editorial calendar tools and instead use only one. You can do it all from a single, easy-to-use editorial calendar.
  • You can view your scheduled content by adding it to Google Calendar and then viewing it from anywhere, including your phone.


Buffer vs CoSchedule

These are very different beats. In fact, I pay for both because they can work together so nicely. CoSchedule is more about the organization and management of getting your new content out there. It also has the advantage of easily reposting older, top performing content.

Buffer is simply a queue of content you want to post on social media. It’s less about the organization and management and more about quickly sharing any content anytime from anywhere.

CoSchedule Cost

CoSchedule used to have only one paid plan, but more recently changes that structure. There are now multiple plans depending on your needs and team size. But it starts at about $100 a year and then gets more expensive with the higher tier plans.

Why CoSchedule

In the end, the benefit of CoSchedule comes down to one simple thing.  Saving you time so you can do more photography and less website stuff.

So check out CoSchedule today.

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  1. Informative and helpful….. you make good points and illustrate the scope of the plugin well. Thanks.

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