How to communicate well with a Face Mask

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic many teachers are forced to wear face masks while in school in front of kids, and also while teaching remote.

Because of this, we though it would be great to share some ideas to community well while wearing a face mask.

Many experts in communication and facial expressions have shared their views, so instead of reinventing the wheel, we figured we would simply share those here with you.

Jordan Harbinger shares his advice in episode 406 of his podcast.

  1. Over emote with your voice and your face will follow
  2. Enunciate more, almost freakishly
  3. Louder volume because your mouth is covered
  4. Speak a little bit slower
  5. For men, try raising your pitch
  6. Smile with your eyes

Tyra Banks taught Drew Barrymore how to Smize so people know you’re smiling behind your mask.

Vanessa Van Edwards shares how facial expressions are still very valid behind a mask.

Jay Miller shares his thoughts on the subject, which are similar to Jordan’s.

  1. Have a strong voice
  2. Have a brighter sound
  3. Enunciate
  4. Speak at a deliberate pace

Lauren Sergy shares some relatable answers to the topic.

Terry Vaughan demonstrates a lot of these ideas with visual and audible side by sides.

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