The Camera Strap Tripod Combination & How I Solved It

Every photographer who photographs multiple types of subjects, whether portraits and landscapes or products and street life, deals with the same situation. The camera strap tripod combination is always a pain the butt.

What happens, many times, is the camera strap will get in the way of tilting and moving a tripod head. The strap can prevent certain movements and just become a nuisance rather than a useful tool for carrying a tripod. If you walk around with your camera on the tripod, then having a camera strap on it is pointless (in my opinion).

Camera Strap Tripod Combination Solved

As you viewed in the video, I use a few different products to have safe and secure camera straps, but with the ability to easily remove them at any time.

When I am photographing something that requires me to have a camera neck or shoulder strap, I use the following:

Read about me using the Custom SLR strap with a Leica M9.

This combination allows me to easily slide on and off the camera strap at any point in time, and within seconds. When on, the Really Right Stuff clamp is securely holding the strap to my camera’s L-bracket, and it is extremely strong.

When I am photographing landscapes I typically use a wrist strap because I can still hold the camera with a strap if needed, and when on the tripod a wrist strap is less intrusive. On my Nikon D700, I have the leather wrist strap that is offered by Really Right Stuff.

However, when using my Nikon D800 or any other camera, I am using the Holdfast Gear Camera Leash. The clamp on the strap is extremely strong and at the same time can be detached very fast. The version I have is the Water Buffalo in flat black. The leather is soft and strong, and smells amazing. The strap costs $54.99, but the basic leather version if $44.99.

So there you have it. How I solved the camera strap tripod combination. What’s your solution?

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  1. I like that combo. I am already looking to get the L-bracket and and was also looking at the black rapid and was not sure if I could do the same with their strap or not. Makes life easier not having to take off the L-bracket and threading the arca-swiss on and off.

    1. Thanks – it’s expensive but suits me well.

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