Being Respectful & Being Yourself

Today I want to go beyond the actual photographic process and discuss the business side of photography.

Many times I will receive questions from photographers, and commonly, the questions are related to article promotion.

For example, “Now that I published this awesome article, how do I promote it for better traffic?”


Here are some steps to gain traffic by being respectful and being yourself.

  1. Write your awesome article
  2. Optimize the article for search engines
  3. Publish it at the ideal day/time
  4. Email your clients about the article (be personal) and tell them why it’s so awesome
  5. Email your leads about the article (be personal) and tell them why it’s so awesome
  6. Email your list about the new, very useful, content and tell them why it’s so valuable
  7. Head over to Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest or wherever your target audience is.  Send a polite note asking for them to share the article and tell them why it’s so awesome

There are various “bows” in karate such as standing, seated and on one knee.  The two individuals in the picture have both landed on floor after completing a series of techniques. To show respect to each other after a hard fought battle they bow from the one knee position before standing.



It’s important to remember that being yourself is the way to grow your business.  I can’t stress that enough.  A good tool for measuring your success is Buffer.

Instead of quoting myself, here is a short video I recorded a while ago in an article, “How to build reach and make a difference.


Now that you’re getting traffic, you need to be monitoring Google Analytics and eyeing your goals/conversions. Your traffic means nothing if people aren’t doing what you want them to do.

  • Are they buying prints?
  • Are they buying an eBook?
  • Are they commenting on the blog?
  • Are they contacting you for a project?

If you have questions about outreach, reach and traffic, please comment below.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

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