An Example Of Bad Email Marketing


This is a great example of bad email marketing. The sender tried to personalize the email (to the extreme). I believed it until I looked at the To: and Bcc: fields. Notice that it was not sent just to me? To finish it off, there was no unsubscribe option. Meaning I am stuck on the list unless the sender is kind enough to remove me.

The funny part of the email is that it came from one of the “pro” social marketing.  Go figure.  As a side note, don’t forget to read my good example of bad webinar mistakes.

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  1. The thing that kills me is that this behavior leads to the results you describe: smart people file it as spam and don’t respond. This person could’ve just as easily copy/pasted into an individual message, addressed to you, and you would’ve reacted in a very different way. That message might have cost her a minute.

    1. Of if the person used an email marketing service that allowed for mass emails with better branding, personalization, etc. But yes, you’re right. If it wasn’t as obvious of the lack of personalization, I would have replied.

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