Until recently I never thought about whether I was an introvert or extrovert.  However, my boss at Photocrati has decided to “come out” so to speak, from his introverted shell.  I’ve known Erick for over a year now (my 1 year with the company snuck up fast) and he has never been one for blogging, doing social media or presenting at workshops.

He made a decision to put on the extrovert hat, and take on some new things. A great example of this is social media.  Erick is extremely intelligent, and one of the smartest people I have ever known.  He wrote the entire Photographers SEO Book on his own, with some snippets of advice and critique from others on the Photocrati team.  He ever wrote the chapter discussing how social media affects search engine optimization.  So although he completely understands the power of social media, he has never been fond of using such networks.  With that, Erick has decided to take on some new things:

  • He is presenting at Boulder Start Up Week
  • He will become active on Google Plus
  • He and I will be hosting and teaching at a photography workshop in NYC or NJ (undecided yet)
  • He will be blogging on his own website a few times a month

I am very happy to see Erick take this step, and proud of him for doing so.  I can’t wait to read his articles, and to teach with such an amazing human being.

My name is Scott and I am an Ambivert

So now onto myself.  Erick let me read some of his blog articles to be shared on his blog soon.  The first was about this topic specifically, and it got me thinking about whether I am an introvert or extrovert.  I thought about it a lot and come to realize that I am both, termed Ambivert.

Here is a “my life” breakdown:


  • Teaching photography
  • Hosting a photowalk
  • Hanging out with friends and family
  • Working with colleagues
  • Networking in the photography industry
  • I strive to be engaging on social media


  • Attending an event, like a wedding, etc.
  • Networking in an industry I’m not familiar with
  • Going shopping in busy places

Notice the comfort zone trends going on?

Who says you can’t be two things at once.

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