Always Ask The Client

This photo turned out to be a conflict for me. During a recent family portrait sessions, I asked the couple to set up in these spots, but with their 18-month old near the middle tree. Unfortunately it didn’t work out well as the baby noticed something on the ground.

While processing the photos for the family, I really wanted to do something with this shot. I contemplated removing the baby from the shot, but I wanted to leave it up to the clients before going too far. I even tweeted it out to see what others thought.

I knew that the photo would be awesome in the end (with the baby removed). So I did a minor edit, emailed a proof to the client asking for permission. They loved it. Problem solved. With some more processing, the fine art black & white photograph looks amazing. I’m proud of this shot and this will look awesome in their house.

Have you ever been in this situation? How did you handle it? Did the client like your change?

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

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