5511 Project – The Cameron Family

I was asked to photograph the Cameron family so they can give the photos in an album as a gift to the childrens grandmother. The original plan was to photograph them at Monmouth Battlefield Park but we changed it to Lake Topanemus in Freehold, NJ. Initially I set up my gear at the small beach camera near the edge of the water but at 11am the sun was too much and cause crazy shadows across the face. I moved to what turned out to be a much better location which is in the shade and has a nice view between trees of the lake. The sun was coming straight through and served as a great back light!

Along with my D700, I used a Nikon 24-70mm lens, Nikon SU-800 to trigger a Nikon SB-900 shooting an umbrella. On the other side I had a silver reflector taking some of that sun and putting back on to the front of the family which helped reduce a lot of shadows.

After the family photo was complete we walked around and I took a lot of candid shots of the family. I had fun and I know they did too. I know the grandmother will love the album!

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