You don’t need it

I want to remind you that you have options.

Suppose you are starting in photography or videography or need a new product or service. Or need a change. Listen up.

You have options. You have choices.

You don’t need the expensive full-frame camera. You can choose to go with a cropped sensor.

You don’t need the fast aperture. You can choose the f4 lens.

You dint need the high-capacity top-tier memory card. Start small. Go with what you can afford.

You don’t need Profoto if Godox is in your budget.

Reflectors can work wonders too.

Gels are way less expensive than RGB lights.

A white background paper and a gel’d light can be cheaper than some color backgrounds.

Paper backgrounds can be taped to walls and floors if you don’t have a background stand.

USB-c is great, but usb3 hubs are more affordable.

Don’t have a USB-c port? Pick up a USB-c to USB-a converter

For video on computers, you can choose between your camera’s webcam utility, an HDMI capture card, a Logitech webcam, a cheap webcam, and a built-in webcam.

Options everywhere, you see?

Should I go on?

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