Xpozer Photo Print Ordered and Delivered

Xpozer makes photo prints on a unique frame, that can be mounted to a wall temporarily. Even cooler is that the photo prints themselves can be removed from the frame and replaced in seconds without damaging anything. In this video, I share the entire process of ordering an Xpozer photo print, assembling it, and share how you would mount it to a wall.

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Alright. So I am going to order a print and frame, and we’re going to do a 16 by 24. It’s just basically $60 plus shipping, but we’ll see how much shipping is on this. And the frame that’s the cool part is with, with the the exposer frames, you, you just had the print and you can order new prints and use the same print later on a replacement print for this size is $40. So basically they’re charging $10 for a reusable frame, which is pretty good, really. Because that means you’re sort of saving them, having to you know, manufacture more frames for you. So this is pretty cool. We’ll just see how this goes. We’re gonna hit upload.

I’m going to drag a file that I want to print. It’s nice to give the option to choose from multiple sources, but I’m going to just go with one from my computer. We’re going to hit done. All right. And we are going to order. This looks like shipping to California is $10. I’m not in California. So we’ll see what happens when we get to the to switch the, where it’s going to. All right. So I put in New Jersey, the shipping is still $10. So it’s coming out to $70 for a 16 by 24 print with a reusable frame. And now we wait for the order to arrive.

The exposer came in this really cool triangle box for a good reason. When you open up the box, the first thing you’ll notice is that there’s a little bit of instructions. And as you open it up more, you’ll find now, right now, this is empty. Let me show you what is inside of this box? What was inside was this? This was the beginning of a tutorial on how to set up the exposure in this little triangle area was the print that I ordered wrapped, rolled and wrapped into a little tube. And then once you open that up, the frame, the hardware was underneath with further instructions. Let me show you what you do with this. The first thing you’ll notice is that the prints actually have these little plastic brackets on it. The print is beautiful. It has a film on the front and when the light hits us, it looks absolutely gorgeous.

The print quality is fantastic. The colors look exactly as they did on my iMac. That way I had color calibrated, everything looked right there and it came out in print just as good in the box was this, this is the wall Mount for the exposer. You would take one screw. And it came with a screw in a Mali and you would put it in there. It’ll self balance. And then the frame actually just sit right in that. It’s not a permanent thing. That’s the fun of the exposer is that you can change the photo and remove it from the wall very easily. There are three pieces to this frame. One goes into one of the side brackets or top brackets. If it’s a portrait and one goes in here spring loaded, nuts, spring loaded. The important thing is to make sure that the frame is both.

These clips on the end are actually angled the same direction. And then you grab your print and you put your print on the frame. So I’m going to do it like this. And I’m going to start this way, even though this is a landscape print, vertical print, you slip it in, you grab another corner and you slipped that in. Then you go to the other end and you slip it in there on down there. I’m going to go a little horizontal for this. He slipped that in, and then you add some tension with little bit of tension on the back. You now have your exposer print on the exposer frame. You can then Mount it to the wall and then peel off the static covering that’s on here. I’m leaving it on for the time being, because this print is actually a gift from my inlaws and I don’t want to get it ruined.

So I’m actually going to roll back up after this video, put it away. And then when I give it to them again, assemble it Mount to the wall. You a screw in the brackets to the wall, and you’ll basically have this big piece of plastic hanging. You turn your print backwards and you go to your wall where you just mounted this bracket. And then you just sit the frame on the bracket like, so, and it’s pretty sturdy because you’re using one screw. It’s kind of self balancing. The weight should take care of it. If it doesn’t, you can easily just turn it a little bit. So don’t make the screw too tight. Let itself balance. That’s that’s the exposer. The beautiful thing about the exposer is that if my inlaws decide they ever want to replace the print, we can just order a different print, just the print, not the frame, the same size and save some money and not the reframe and all that stuff.

Any time we can replace this print very easily. And as you saw in the beginning of this video, that you can actually order just the print or the print and the frame pretty cool, big kudos to the team at exposer for making a product that is super simple and very well-made both the frame and the print came out incredible. And thank you for allowing me to order one. Yes, I, for those watching full disclosure, I did not have to pay for that. But I always share my honest opinion. And if I did not, if I was not happy with the print, trust me, I would have told you I was not happy with the print, but I was exposed her, did a great job like this video, click, that subscribe button right now. I publish new videos every Monday and Thursday. You don’t want to miss it. And karate kicked the notification bell.

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