I was supposed to be in New York City at a fantastic event where Seth Godin was speaking. Unfortunately, even with getting up early, I was stuck in some traffic which made me miss the train into the city. The event was early in the morning, so grabbing the next train was useless as I would miss the majority of Seth’s talk.

So I set up my laptop at a Panera Bread only to find that their wifi was horrible. So bad that I could not use it at all and couldn’t even keep my iPhone connected to it because the Internet wasn’t moving.

Fortunately my sister-in-law has an Optimum account so I was able to hop onto their public wifi. However, around noon when the lunch rush came into Panera, that also stopped.

Moral of the story‚Ķ to have a productive work day, pre-scout reliable public wifi locations and don’t get stuck without one if you really need it.

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