Microphones for Vlogging – Vlogging Audio Tip

In this short video, I share an important tip that I hope all veteran and new vloggers think about. It has to do when you’re vlogging with the camera pointed away from you.

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I have a quick tip for any vloggers out there. Sorry about the headphones, listening to some podcasts while I prepped for a different video. But, uh, I had a tip to share based on something. Anyway, so I have a tip for you, for anybody who vlogs who uses a shotgun mic on top of their camera. What I recommend doing is if you’re ever doing a video or where you are, uh, behind the camera where you’re not in front of the Lens. So when you are behind the camera, if you want to speak and you’re still using the shotgun mic, turn it around. Watch this. Okay. So right now you can see that the shotgun mic is right above my camera and they’re in. And if I go behind this and I start talking, you’re going to see that, uh, you know, my, my voice is much, much lower rate now, but if I was to go ahead and I was to just, if I was to just reversed the Mike, now it’s going to sound a lot better now though. It’s going to look funny. Of course that’s going to look funny, but you can see that it is actually sounding so much better, and I’m behind the camera. See, I’m behind the camera instead of being in front of the camera. There you go.

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