Unique Bike Challenge Winner!

On January 5th I posted my first photographers challenge.  The challenge was titled “Unique Bicycle“.  Yesterday was the last day to submit and on this wintery morning I spent some time picking which submission I think is the most unique.  It was a tough choice.  I really appreciate everyone who took the time to photograph a bicycle for the challenge and I do hope you submit again for the next one.  With that said the winner of the Unique Bicycle challenge is Paul Giunta.  Paul photographed the bicycle you see above at Long Beach, California.  When I look at the bicycle it gives me a sense of a moving business card.  The Polaroid in the wheel and the artist’s name, “Jeff Nisbet – Artist”.  So while it might be a street side art installation.  So all you photographers who ride around on bicycles, why not make yours into a moving business card?  It would be unique, no?

Paul is a chemist from Long Beach, California who loves photography.   Please check him out on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and on his website and blog!

Although there is no prize for second place, my choice would have been the Urban Escape from Chris Casciano because of how creative he got with putting together his bicycle montage. I really love.

Please take a look at all the submission by either looking at the comments on the challenge post or by searching Flickr for swiuniquebicyclechallenge.

Thank you again to everyone that submitted.  You all made my choosing very difficult but fun!  The next challenge will be posted on February 8th.  I hope you submit your photos!

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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