Unboxing my first canvas from Artistic Photo Canvas
The box

I ordered a 24″x36″ canvas from Artistic Photo Canvas.  APC is the company sponsoring my “You’ve got the music in you” photographer challenge.  After tweeting that I received my tracking number for the shipment I received a reply from Lew Bedell.  Lew is the co-founder of APC and tweets for the company.  Lew said that he had a chance to see the canvas before it shipped at that it looked amazing.  Of course that got me more stoked to get the print.

The box
The box

Well here it is.  Less than a week later and it arrived in a huge box.  The canvas was wrapped in plastic there were styrofoam corners to make sure no damage during shipping.  On the outside was taped a very nice note from Lew and on the inside was a business card.

Business card and wood support
Business card and wood support and frame

The canvas is stunning.  The colors are perfect.  The print quality is absolutely amazing. The canvas wrap is top-notch.  You can tell there was passion behind the product.  I hope you enjoy these photos!

the canvas
the canvas

Thank you Lew and everyone at Artistic Photo Canvas for caring about what you do,


Artistic Photo Canvas
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  1. I remember that photo. Bet it looks great at 24×36!

  2. It really did come out amazing. Thanks Mike!

  3. That really looks great!

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