Two Person Interview Setup with an iPhone

Create a Two-Person Interview Setup with an iPhone. If you have a newer iPhone, then you have the capability of recording video footage with a rear and front-facing camera at the same time. But to do so, you need an app. The app I recommend for a two-person interview is Doubletake made by Filmic.

Doubletake by Filmic

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Today, we’re talking about interviews and how you can do interviews, but when you are by yourself and are limited to the equipment you have, well, if you’ve got a newer smartphone, a newer iPhone, then you can use an app called double-take made by the amazing developers at filmic. And you can actually use your iPhone and its multiple cam system to record interviews, whether you use it for the main video footage, the roll or for B roll. So check this out. So here we are and I am on my iPhone and you can see that I am actually recording both the front display, which is what I’m looking at right now. I’m looking at myself on the screen and also the backend where you see my teleprompter and the view of recording myself. And now you see my hand, is it one of those things where you can go like this?

So here’s the cool part. I can actually go ahead and I can record myself and there’s do both cameras at the same time. This uses a lot of resources on the phone, but the cool part is that I am getting pretty high quality footage in one device that you can literally put in between the subjects. So if I was to reframe myself, so literally if, if, if my teleprompter over there was subject one and I am subject to, I could literally put the phone in between. You can even make it so that the view of yourself is full screen. So it looks like you’re looking at yourself and you could do multiple things. You could even do a split screen. So you see half you, half the other person. But the way I have it set up on my phone is actually more like a FaceTime call where it’s me small.

And then the person I’m talking to large. Now, if you have a mic or a wireless mic, and you’ve got a system where you can have two microphones, one lab could actually subject one and one lab collect connected to subject two. Or if you have a microphone that just does, you know, omni-directional, then you’ve got audio coming from both ends at any given time. Or if you want, you could use a regular camera with a quality microphone, hooked up to it or a, a zoom type device or something like that, a recorder that has microphone outs going to it. And then you can just use the phone for the video footage. Now it’s worth noting that double cam can actually be done in landscape mode as well. You don’t have to do it in the vertical mode like I had before. You can actually do it in landscape mode and it will feel more like a natural video recording rather than a phone recording. So I wouldn’t say to make the double-take style footage as your only solution, but if you have another option, if you are on a budget that is the perfect solution to get quality interview style recordings, quite easily, check it out. Double-take to the app store

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