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There was a question in a Facebook group asking for recommendations for tripods between $100 and $200. I couldn’t believe the recommendations people were offering. So I decided to answer it myself. To sum it up – you won’t get a GOOD tripod for under $200. Yes, you can find one, and yes it might do the job for you. But depending on how sturdy or solid you need the tripod to be, you might be asking for more trouble than it’s worth.

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Let’s talk about tripods. Hey, this is Scott Wyden Kivowitz, a storyteller with a camera talking about all the things we’re talking to us like you and I are thinking about in this video. I want to talk about tripods in. Well, should you go for the budget oriented tripods? I saw a question in a facebook group asking about tripods and recommendations for tripod is that are in the hundreds or $200 range? I’ve got some feedback on that. Your tripod can be your best friend when it comes to photography and it all depends on the type of photography you do and how sturdy you really need your camera to be. This is a tripod from pro master. Pro Master doesn’t make their own products. They basically buy products and put their brand on it. They don’t actually manufacture them themselves. This tripod, which is a few years old at this point, is a carbon fiber tripod.

It is quite small. As you can see. It’s very compact and it got the twist knobs and the legs are really tiny because it’s carbon fiber. This is extremely light. The head that came on this, I actually don’t even use that. It was just too horrible, so actually have this tiny head is from manfrotto that I’ve put on here. There is a bubble level, there is a center column, so it gets up fairly high for a small tripod. The downside is how flimsy it is because of how thin legs are and the sword sort of poor quality carbon fiber that’s being used. Now, if all I’m doing is doing a quick portrait and I just need to move and be fast and and whatnot. This is actually perfect. This is the tripod that I use whenever I’m teaching somebody about photography and tripods are needed because it’s a good student tripod.

It’s quite affordable. It is very light. I can literally throw it in a backpack and it it. It just does the job, but this is not a tripod I would use for serious work. This tripod is definitely under $200. It’s probably even around the hundred dollar range, so if you need a tripod that’s affordable and light, check out the promaster, tripods there. Sold pretty much all around the world. The tripod that I use for anything that is serious that I need a heavy duty, but lightweight tripod. I use my my really right stuff. Tripod, which actually my Nikon d, 50 is on right now, so right now I’m recording from a camera sitting on a tripod. It gets really high and it’s very sturdy, but it’s also very lightweight. I have a second stuff. Tripod, which is this one. This is a compact travel tripod.

Familiar right stuff. It is lighter than the Promessa tripod that I just put it on the floor. It’s a little bit bigger. It’s got a sturdier head and again has twist locks, but look how thick the finished leg is. The leg is thicker than the thickest leg of the pro master tripod. I can also swap out the feet for spikes if I want to do that and some other things. It does have a metal center column. Some tripods do have a carbon fiber center column, which makes them even lighter. This one has an aluminum, but it’s a light aluminum just like the rest of the metal on here. It’s all very light, so this is a very compact, but light tripod, extremely sturdy, gets really high and does the job very well. But this tripod will cost you $1,000. The tripod that you see right here is a man.

Photo tripod. I used to use manfrotto before I discovered really right stuff and now my manfrotto basically just sits there and doesn’t get used like it could. I feel like men photo kind of went downhill a little bit. Gets Zoo, which is a manfrotto brand, still makes great tripods. Probably the best competition too. They’re really right stuff, tripods there in the same price range. But man, Frodo, I feel like has gone downhill. They’re using more and more plastics and more and more cheaper plastics. So if you want a tripod that’s in the 100 or $200 range, I really wouldn’t go with Manfrotto. I would go with something maybe like a me photo, maybe a, uh, ben row. Maybe check out the three legged things, which is a British company. They make fantastic tripods in a wide range of sizes and prices and they’re actually pretty, pretty well built.

But again, if you need something serious, if you’re doing long exposures, you don’t want flimsy, you want something rock solid, still light weight, it wants something that won’t move with wind. You want somebody that won’t cause crazy shakes if you happen to slightly bump into it, and that’s why I use really right stuff, but you can’t get it really stuff tripod for less than $200. If you need something budget oriented, I suggest looking at three legged thing at me photo or at Ben row, I just want to say thank you to the macro right warranty company. I get a maquiladora warranty for every piece of equipment that I can, especially in my camera and my lenses and and whatnot. So if you need a warranty, if you need to make sure that you are covered, that you have everything covered in case you drop it in case your cheap tripod fails, then check out the Mac world. Lord sold at stores around the world and get the diamond warranty because it covers if you actually drop it, like if your tripod fails. If you like this video, click that subscribe button below. Now I publish new videos every Monday and Thursday whenever possible. You don’t want to miss it.

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