The Touch Lightroom Gesture Control Review


For the past few months I have had the pleasure of testing The Touch, a gesture app for Lightroom that you use on your iPad.

If you have ever used VSCO Keys (a Lightroom plugin) than you know that there is software out there to quickly process and batches of photographs using quick keys that you set up.

The Touch is similar software, however you are using pinches and swipes to adjust your photographs quickly.

In my initial test of the software and The Touch iOS app I found it to be too sensitive at times and not sensitive enough.  I added a video of it to my Adding An iPhone & iPad To Your Photography Workflow course so please sign up for the free course to check it out.

Since my test, I have not seen any updates for the iOS app or the Mac software. That leads me to believe that the swipe control isn’t quite at its prime yet. However, that hasn’t stopped me from using it.

What’s really cool is that whether you are an iPad, swipe supported trackpad or a Wacom swipe supported tablet The Touch will work.

I’m sure the developers will be updating the software eventually and I look forward to when the time comes when The Touch is perfect (if there is such a thing as perfect with software).

If this all looks and sounds interesting to you, check out The Touch for Lightroom as it’s just under $25.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

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