Tips on choosing a wedding or event photographer

Finding a wedding photographerHere is an easy list of what to look for and helpful tips to finding and choosing your wedding photographer.  Have your own tips to add, please share them by commenting below.  Don’t agree with any of my tips?  Please add your thoughts in a comment as well.

Business sense

  • He/She has a website
  • He/She has created local listings in Google, Yelp, etc…
  • He/She will have a phone interview with you
  • Recommendations and referrals from people you know often mean that He/She is trusted
  • He/She accepts in-person appointments
  • He/She will get into details about your wedding and not have a generic discussion
  • He/She can commit to the event at any point in time that he/she isn’t already booked.
  • He/She has a portfolio online and in-person
  • He/She can deliver the final product at in a reasonable time frame
  • He/She has a nice personality. Nice enough to spend at least one full day with, work with and interact with
  • He/She offers a wide range of products that you might be interested in
  • He/She has clear and straight forward deposit and payment structure
  • He/She will dress the way you require
  • He/She offers an assistant or second photographer
  • He/She can offer a list of references at any point in time
  • He/She always has backup equipment ready as a precaution
  • He/She will work at your time frame even if it costs extra
  • He/She will or will not blog your wedding photos by request
  • He/She has you sign a contract
  • He/She tell you what equipment will be used

Artistic sense

  • His/Her portfolio gives you “that feeling” or really appeals to you
  • His/Her style is what you’re looking for


  • He/She offers a photo booth or other photographic products for your wedding
  • He/She has worked your location before
  • He/She will offer an online gallery for you to proof and share your wedding photos

Thanks for reading and happy photographer searching,


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