The perfect camera strap

In my opnion the perfect camera strap would be a mix of the following, with the key features being a must.

The Mix

  • Think Tank Photo Non Slip Camera Strap
  • BlackRapid R-Strap RS-4
  • UpStrap Pro
  • National Geographic NG 3030 Camera Strap

Key Features

  • Comfortable (like the UpStrap)
  • Professional Look (solid black is fine)
  • Will not leave the ‘I’ve had my camera around my neck for way too long’ redness and pain
  • Storage for extra battery and memory cards (like the R-Strap and Nat Geo)
  • Ability to easily reach the camera from the side (Like the R-Strap)
  • Ability to clip on to a camera backpack while hiking, etc.. (Like the Think Tank & Nat Geo)
  • Won’t slip off the shoulder..ever (like the UpStrap)

Someone please design this…and give me a free camera strap.  I won’t even take credit for it.

I decided to ask the Twitter community what their thoughts on the subject were.

Twitter Recommends:

“Easy on, easy off strap. I love the OpTech straps with the snaps on it. Replaceable foam rubber shoulder part. Customizable.”

John Milleker

Web: /

Twitter: @JohnMilleker

I also posted a poll on Twitter via Polldady‘s Twitter Poll application asking what peoples thoughts where.  These are the results to the question “What is your idea of a good camera strap?” as of April 22, 2009:

  • Comfort (23 Votes)
  • Color (5 votes)
  • Padded (10 votes)
  • Non Slip (16 votes)
  • Media / Battery holder (5 votes)
  • Quick Sling (10 votes)
  • Other (was also an option although no one left a comment, or PollDaddy just isn’t displaying them..who knows – 13 Votes)

If you haven’t commented with your thoughts on Twitter, please share them here as I’d love to hear what you consider to be the perfect camera strap.

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