Teach me something

Or stop trying 

Every day I browse the Internet, and read my RSS feeds (thank you Reeder and Feedly for covering when Google Reader quit).

During my browsing, I often come across articles that are trying to teach something.

However, majority of the time said photography blogs fail to do so.

Whether they are missing out on the 2 second rule or just adding way too much fluff that drives readers away.

Also, many photographers (including myself) don’t learn by just reading. In fact, many learn more from either doing, seeing or hearing.

For example, I learn best when I get my hands dirty at a workshop. However, workshops are hard to fill seats.

I also learn a lot when I watch videos on blogs, whether hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia or wherever.

Video Blogging / Get to the point

That is why some of my blog articles are little text and mostly video. This method is sometimes easier to get the point across. At the same time, it can be easier for website visitors to learn from.

Example article in full w/ video as focal point and main source of content

The trick with video blogging is that you want to still have text so search engines can identify the relevancy of article/video.

So how to do it?

Use a video transcription service if you can’t rewrite the content you talked about in your video. There are many services out there, but they are all around the same price of $2 per minute.

Teach me something

So go ahead – write an article or record a video. However you share your content and wherever you share it. Make sure you are teaching me something.

Remove the fluff and teach me something

Thanks for reading,


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