Introducing the Talk Imagery Podcast

It’s about the discussion

Talk Imagery PodcastThe Talk Imagery Podcast is not your ordinary photography themed podcast. Talk Imagery will not conduct interviews or product reviews in their true sense. During each episode of Talk Imagery, there will be a discussion between two or more photographers. The topic of each discussion will be based on a comments from viewers. Discussions might be related to gear, techniques, events, venues, websites or any other photography related topic.

Opinions are like

Every photographer has his/her own opinion that will be shared and discussed in each episode. We all have opinions and they are good for discussion. Oh and there is the possibility of some mild swear words.

The Introduction Video


Each episode will be posted on my blog and the blog of the photographers’ taking part in the discussion. You can also subscribe to the Talk Imagery Podcast direct RSS feed hosted by Feedburner, on iTunes, AppleTV and on your Roku box and on YouTube.

Talk Imagery Podcast on iTunes

What you need to do

Here is where you, the viewer (and reader) come in. The only way for this concept to work is for you to comment with topics you would like to see and hear being discussed. So please, comment here with your ideas. Lets make the Talk Imagery Podcast a rockin show!

Thanks for reading (and watching) and happy shooting,

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  1. This is really awesome and doing video/skype stuff is awesome. It’s a bit more difficult of course but listening to photography podcasts can become really difficult.

    Question that I don’t see address yet: \

    What’s the frequency of the Podcast? Once a Month? Biweekly? Weekly? Random?

    It would be good to know for sure. Hope to chat on the podcast sometime!

    1. Hoping for monthly but it might be random at times depending on how it takes off. Possibly twice a month, etc.

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