Talk Imagery Podcast – Episode 1

Talk Imagery PodcastI am so happy to share with you the first official episode of the Talk Imagery Podcast.   Before you watch the first episode I wanted to tell a short story of the struggles we’ve been having trying to get the first episode recorded.  As you know, this podcast is quite unique as it’s not an interview show.  It’s a group video chat.  That means we need to schedule the chat between many people, across the country (and eventually world).  That also means late nights and delirious (because we will be tired) conversations at times.

The other issue has been technical problems.  We are using Skype 5’s group video chat feature and recording the video and audio using various means.  Unfortunately, there are some bugs in Skype 5 that have caused video to not record and audio (at different times).  However, with the magic of post production and the annoyance of matching video and audio, we have episode one!

Episode One Topic

The topic of episode one started with getting the shot by shooting in-camera versus using computer software.  We briefly discuss film and digital printing, live view and viewfinders.  There are some “inside jokes” flying around (sorry) and some other fun stuff.

Episode One Photographers

The photographers I talk with in episode one include Pat O’Brien, Rob Hanson, Brian Matiash, Jacob F, Lucas, Bob Lussier, John Milleker & Heath O’Fee.

Technical Difficulties

As I said before, there are technical difficulties, maybe some flaws.  But that is what is making this podcast so unique.  It’s not polished.  It’s not rehearsed.  It is RAW and pure.  I do, however, hope that we get the technical problems worked out because matching audio to video is not fun at all.

Episode One

The viewfinder Brian mentions is the Zacuto Z-Finder


Talk Imagery Podcast on iTunesEach episode will be posted on my blog and the blog of the photographers’ taking part in the discussion. You can also subscribe to the Talk Imagery Podcast direct RSS feed hosted by Feedburner, on iTunes, AppleTV and on your Roku box and on YouTube.

What you need to do

Here is where you, the viewer (and reader) come in. The only way for this concept to work is for you to comment with topics you would like to see and hear being discussed. So please, comment here with your ideas. Lets make the Talk Imagery Podcast a rockin show!

Thanks for reading (and watching) and happy shooting,

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    1. Thanks Mike! Hopefully we’ll get you on there for episode 2!

  1. Great idea – didn’t realize it was in the works! I think a good topic would be how do you find locations and or scout locations – what do you look for? Is there different prep involved depending on the location? Etc.

    1. Thanks Rob and thank you for the topic idea. I will put it on the list as an option!

  2. Finally getting caught up a bit and watched the first episode. I enjoyed it. Are you planning on doing more?

    1. We currently have 4 episodes recorded, 2 are online and 2 have technical difficulties so will most likely be audio only. They should come soon.

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