A Story About 4 Photographers

Four photographers sat at a table.

One was a bald white guy from New Jersey who wears glasses. He wears his camera on his hip when not in use. It’s a Nikon. A full-frame mirrorless camera. He ordered the burger medium well with bacon.

Another was a black man, also from New Jersey, who holds his Sony cropped sensor mirrorless camera on his wrist most of the time. It’s rarely in a bag. He ordered the burger medium with bacon.

Next was a white Canadian girl who recently switched to A full-frame Sony mirrorless camera from another brand. She didn’t have her camera in sight. It was packed away. She ordered her burger medium well, no bacon.

Last was a white guy from Michigan who uses a micro 4/3 camera from Olympus. He had his camera with a neck strap sitting on the table. His burger was cooked medium and without bacon.

As you can see, all four people are unique. Each has their likes and dislikes. Each has their taste In things.

Whether that’s coffee or tea or water or soda.

Whether that’s big cameras, small cameras, neck-straps, wrist straps, or belt camera holsters.

It didn’t matter what equipment was used or why. It didn’t matter the color of their skin or where they were from.

What mattered was our kindness to each other; Friendship, Conversation, and the meal that was shared.

What mattered was all being friendly people together in the same place, at the same table.

The experience is what mattered.

Enjoy your time with others. Life is short. So make the best of it.

As Ellen DeGeneres says at the end of every show, “be kind to one another.”

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