Stop overthinking photographic situations

I received an email from a photographer in the community, asking the following question:

“I am seeking some information, much of it probably technical in nature, but not totally, on just how photojournalists approach their assignments when it takes them into a congressional committee hearing, for example. With the maddening variety of interior lights, I see so many of them do NOT use flash (probably cannot in those congressional hearings for sure) so I am wondering how they approach their shoots from a technical aspect of their cameras: aperture settings, ISO, shutter speeds, etc. etc. to get the excellent results that they do. 

I have tried to research this information in a number of different sources but with no luck. 

If you could provide me with any guidance in this area and/or suggest other resources to utilize to obtain this information, it would be GREATLY appreciated knowing how very busy you must be. 

Thanks very much for whatever assistance you can provide!

I hope that this video helps answer the question and inspire all photographers to stop overthinking a situation.


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